26th October 2019 Naviga General Assembly elected new Presydium:

Walter Geens (Belgium) - President of the Naviga
Zdenka Dostalova (Czech Republic) - Vice President of Naviga
Jaroslaw Leoniec (Poland) - II Vice President of Naviga
Daniel Ciosu (Romania) - Secretary General of Naviga
Adrian Stolarek (Poland) - Treasuer of Naviga



Naviga Restoration

Dear ship modelers from all over the World,

We would like to enlighten a few of our plans and ideas for Naviga's future, the way we feel needed:
- reduce the costs of the organization and the costs of belonging to the organization in such a way that it does not impede the start of smaller national teams at the World Championships. To start, we would like to seriously reduce the cost of membership to a level that is affordable to all member countries. We do not feel it is
needed to a high membership fee if we can reduce the overall cost of the Organisation. A drastic reform in the financial structure of Naviga is therefor needed in our opinion. By this we mean that we need to cut costs and reduce them to a strickt minimum. In order to do so, some changes will need to be made to either the Competition Rules and/or Class Rules of the respective classes. As an exapmle we would like to show, is for instance the presence of the Naviga representant to CC or WC. According to Naviga Rules this person should be a member of the Naviga Presidium, but over the past few CC/WC this job has very often been taken by a non Presidium member, leading to unnecessary costs. The presence of the Section Leader should be ample in this case.
- ensure the World Championships are held in every section every 2 years and stimulate the organization of other international Naviga events. We feel that the different classes should have much more autonomy in running themselves. We feel that 1 rule for all classes how to organize a CC/WC does not stroke with the real needs and requirements for the separate disciplines of ship modeling. Furthermore, we feel that under the current Rules, the financial situation is very unfair in the relationship between Naviga and the organizers of such an event. If this financial situation would not change, it will become more and more difficult to find host countries in several classes.
- ensure financial and legal transparency of the organization, be a reliable partner for event organizers and national federations. After revising the financial plan, we also need to make the Treasury much more open than it is now. A clear financial situation, updated an open for all member countries to see is required. As an example to that, we can only advise anyone to take a look at the IMBRA website, where a full in detail financial balance is open for anyone to see! In the other hand, there is no information available where and according to what law Naviga is registered as an organization.
- develop and implement junior attraction and training programs at Naviga. The only thing that Naviga did for juniors, and recently, was to sponsor their participation at the World Championships, which, as we know, has not translated and will not translate into popularizing modelshipbuilding among young people or increasing their sports level. Relying on the positive experiences of various national federations, we will begin the process of popularizing modelshipbuilding and training future generations of modelshipbuilders.
- launch a project to popularize Naviga through social media and improve communication within the organization using modern Internet technologies.
- seek association with the Olympic Committee. Another thing we feel very strong about is seeking contact with the Olympic Committee in order to get ship modeling recognition as a non Olympic discipline. This recognition would be very helpful to several of our member countries when it comes to support from their local Governments.

These are in brief some of our ideas, we hope you will consider them and if you agree with them give us the needed support.
Adrian, Dan, Jarek, Walter and Zdenka
Now that we explained a bit more in detail about our ideas we would like you all to have a look at the open letter send in by the Russian federation to Naviga (click here to read), showing that they also feel very similar to our ideas and worries.
20th October 2019
To all model boaters from all classes all over the World,

Who are we, what do we represent and what are our goals?

For several years now, we feel that Naviga has come to a stand still in time, nothing much happens to promote or stimulate the ship model sport in any way. Despite all modern day media we have at
hand, communication is very poor if even excisting in many sections, let alone between the different sections.

So we formed a group of 5 people as required, but very diversified across the different Sections in order to reach out to everyone.

We feel that in using Social Media and other modern ways of communication, much more can be achieved in a much more efficient way than how it is now.

We are living in the 21th century and we feel that the Naviga structure should evolve with progress too and not stay stuck in it’s old ways.
Quite recently the Secreatry General resigned and in several Sections there is no Section leader at the moment, these matters are serious and point out that there is a problem with the management of
Naviga. People do have the right to an explanation as to how and what, yet on asking we get little to no answers what so ever.

We have to fight with all our means and possibilities to try and keep Naviga the World Organisation for ships modelling, but we strongly feel that under the current circumstances this is impossible.
It is time for some drastic changes, in order not to loose even more people to other groups or organisations.

More autonomy is needed because all different sections have different needs and desires, so a far more flexible management is needed to coordinate those different needs.

We all wrote a short summary about ourselves, but i think most of us are known trough out Naviga.

We do not want to claim to be the magical solution to all problems, but we are willing to work on a better future by offering a group of enthusiastic people, a transparant structure with openess and
communication armed for the future.

In such we ask you to consider our Team and if you think we could make a difference to vote for this group at the next Naviga Presidium Election.
Together we can build a better, brighter future for our
Adrian, Dan, Jarek, Walter and Zdenka
19th September 2019
My name is Walter Geens, i am 60 yrs old born and raised in Belgium. I ve been a modeller for over 42 years now. I started out in 1977 with ic boats, was into rc cars for many years at the same time, to return to FE boats on which i concentrated solo since 1997. In many years of National and
International racing i saw the direction modern day’s racing was headed to and in 2010 i succesfully ran for Naviga M section Leader.
In my past years as M Section Leader i have always thrived to represent the wishes and desires of the broader group without forgetting the individual. We (the M section) have over the years gone trough some enormous changes in technology and have come a long way from back in the days were it all started. I pride myself into being a guiding part in those changes, and i do believe that my work has helped ud to be where we are now.
It is my firm believe that we need to evolve with time and technology we have at hand, and in order to survive as ship modelers we should make full use of all the modern means we have. The only way our hobby can survive in the modern society is to promote it with all means we have. It is my firm view that Naviga should focus more on guiding people in their different classes instead of ruling them from above. The actual people it is all about are those who day in day out, week after week spent time building, displaying or racing model boats. Those are the ones that build our community. Those are the ones who matter, those are the ones who deserve proper guidance,not ruling from above.
I for one would like to put my knowledge and energy in taking Naviga to an even higher level, and hope people see in me a chance for much needed progress.
Yours sincerely
Walter Geens
My name is Jaroslaw Leoniec, I was born in August of 1977 in north-east Poland where I live today in small village near russian border. I'm father of three sons. Professionally I'm 3D designer of plastic models in biggest polish manufacturer of plastic kits. My second hobby where I spend a lot of time is dynamic sport shooting in International Practical Shooting Confederation.

First contacts with models I had when I was four or five (don't remember) because my father was instructor in local modelers club. And it's probably just destiny, that all of my life is connected with models. I started in NS class since 1987, on begining in local competitions where my father took me, later in Championship of Poland and international competitions. Lot of times I was medalist of Championship of Poland as junior and as senior too. After year 2000 I started with success in C class where I won five silver medals of World and European Championships.

More than twenty five years ago I received my first national judge licence and when I was thirty I become youngest international judge Naviga NS and C. I'm still active judge in NS and C classes in my country and on international events. Now I'm more interested in organizing competitions and events than starting as competitor. My biggest personal success was organizing World Championship NS class Naviga in Orneta in 2017, together with local community and city government. I spent two years preparing this event, but in the opinion of most participants it was the best organized World Championship in the history of NS classes and I'm proud of it. In future I will want to do it again, but better and with more additional events.

I know the problems associated with organizing Naviga competitions, I know the problems associated with the operation of clubs. I think all this problems can be solved (better or worst but solve) but most important is talk with people. Then in my opinion most important is communiation between people and clubs. But now this communications not exist in Naviga. We have to change it and we have chance to do it. I want to cooperate with people who want to work for better future of our sport. We have common problems in different sections and we can find common solution. But we have to cooperate and work on it.

Best regards from Poland
Jarek Leoniec
My name is Zdenka Dostálová (formerly Sršňová). I was born 27th April 1983. I come from Czech Republic and I still live here. I have started with model boats when I was in basic school with my brother Jan. I have started with EX500 class
(which is no more Naviga class) than I have continued with M class boats and I still race. Few years I raced with 1:10 electric model cars. My first world championship was in 2001 in Stara Zagora, Bulgary (M class).

I have graduated business high school 2002. I have successfully finished University of Economics (informatics) in Prague 2008. Few years I worked as ICT project manager in different companies in Prague. Since 2016 I operate my own real estate local business.

Since 2014 I am CZ national M section leader and I take care about CZ team and national rules and organization of races in CZ. Moreover in 2018 I have been elected as CZ model boat federation vice president so I am responsible for smooth running of CZ model boat federation across the sections.

I can see the situation in Naviga is not getting better through last years. I can barely see any progress but the rest of the world is moving forward very fast. That’s a pity we cannot keep pace under actual circumstances. I can see many
things that could be done differently and I have an ambition and energy to improve it and move it forward.

Since 2015 I am CZ representative during Naviga meetings and I have prepared lot of proposals for improvements. Still I am active racer and judge so I can feel the situation is not good on firsthand. There is a lot of work which should be
done and I can imagine its not easy. But I believe we have the possibility to improve our Naviga organization together and I am willing to help with it.

Kind regards,
Zdenka Dostálová

My name is Daniel Ciosu, I was born in 1973 on April 23. I am living in Romania in Galati city.

I graduate the school of navy officers and the university of physical education and sport.

In 2013 I was elected president of the department of model boats (all modelships classes) and vice president of the Romanian Federation of models.

In 2018 I founded a private sports club for junior who have already achieved good results in national and international competitions.

Currently I am the owner of a private firm founded in 1997 which operates in the field of interior design and restorers.

Best regards,

Daniel Ciosu

My name is Adrian Stolarek. I was born 30 th December 1983 in Kedzierzyn Kozle (POLAND) where I live till now. I began my racing experience when I was 7 driving RC cars and later boats. First time I took part in NAVIGA World Championship in 1995 (Ilawa – POLAND) and in almost all WC organized till nowadays.

I graduated Opole Technical University and I become automatic and robotic engineer because this
was connected directly with RC boat.

Together with my father and other association member we organized WC in Kedzierzyn Kozle in 2015. Since 2017 I am president of polish model sport association (CKM LOK) but I represent this organization in NAVIGA since 2012 till now.
5 year ago during NAVIGA General Assembling together with Zdenka and Walter we wanted to change few things about NAVIGA that’s why we gave several proposals concerning elections but noting changed.

I want to help with changes in NAVIGA because in my opinion if we won’t change (improve) several issues there will be less people who still wants to race in NAVIGA competition.

In my opinion this is the last chance to stay one organization, open for new modern World where competitor is the most important.

Best Regards
Adrian Stolarek
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